Continuous fiber reinforced composites are increasingly being used in the aerospace and automotive industry to cope with lightweighting challenges and meet high performance standards. The manufacturing processes are essential for the quality of the final composite.

Simulation of composite manufacturing processes requires experimental analysis and modelling of the transformations involved. During the process, these phenomena concern fibrous materials in large deformation (depending on temperature, phase change….). Experimental analysis, modelling and simulation of physical phenomena during composites forming are the objectives of the symposium. The conference will focus on composite materials with continuous fibres for structural parts. The analysis of forming of the reinforcement without resin (dry preform) and with non-hardened resin (prepreg) will be considered as well as thermomechanics and consolidation of the composite during prepreg forming. 

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission : November 1, 2018

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Template and submission

Extended abstracts with 2 pages  in Portable Document Format (PDF) should be sent

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